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This 6 week course has a maximum of 5 dogs and is a mixture of obedience exercises and an introduction to some basic agility exercises. You will learn to become less dependent on the lead and to control your dog in class off lead for many of the exercises. We also discuss methods to enrich your dog's life, look at body language, training methods to suit different characters/breeds and we attempt to "Think Dog" in order to better understand our dogs and what motivates them.

The intermediate classes are suitable for dogs that have acquired some basic training skills such as those taught in the Novice and Puppy classes. Dogs need to be familiar with commands such as sit, down, drop, stay, and have a basic recall before joining this course. If your dog is not quite at this stage, one or two private sessions can be arranged to prepare you for this class.

Class Exercises:
  • Stay under different distractions
  • Whistle recall away from dogs, food, and people
  • Heeling off lead and past distractions
  • Leaving and walking away from treats and toys on the floor
  • Teaching your dog to sit, offer eye contact and wait for a send-out on command.
  • Agility exercises: jumping small hurdles, going through a tunnel, seesaw, and weaving poles.
  • Tricks such as spin and circle

Duration: 6 weeks. Classes are just under an hour long.

Price: £75

Start dates for Intermediate courses:
  • Sunday October 13th at 18.30
  • Thursday November 9th at 19.30
  • Sunday November 26th at 19.30
  • Thursday January 4th at 19.30
Please contact me for information of other start dates.

The Intermediate Classes were excellent. The sessions were well structured, enjoyable for both dogs and owners and the activities covered just the things I needed to work on with my dog. The group size was also very good; large enough for group work and small enough for plenty of individual attention.
Rachael & Barley

I have just completed the Puppy and Intermediate courses with Carolyn Davies. She is a wonderful teacher - I learnt a lot and had great fun doing it. My golden retriever really enjoyed it too and is now generally fairly well-behaved. I thoroughly recommend these courses.
Alison and Bomba

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