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The novice classes are suitable for dogs of all ages above 20 weeks with little or no previous training experience. This course runs for six weeks. The training is done with kindness based on rewarding good behaviour with treats and play with other dogs and owners.

I can recommend the use of clickers in these classes. This method is especially good to increase motivation and compliance where attentiveness is an issue or to improve on confidence for dogs that are a bit nervous. Should you wish to use a clicker please bring a clicker to class.

We cover topics such as recognising signs of tension and stress, breed characteristic behaviour, diet, and how to make feeding more stimulating.

Course Material:
  • At the first session you will be given an informative book called, Coping with adolescence and beyond which complements the weekly discussions and training.
  • The course program and written training instructions are provided for all the exercises each week.

Class Exercises:
  • Sit- in lots of different situations including when being greeted rather than jumping up
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Drop/give
  • Controlled play with owner
  • Teaching dogs to leave and walk away from food, rubbish, cats, dogs etc.
  • Walking on a lead without pulling
  • Coming when called
  • Controlled safe exit from door/car
  • Exercises to increase dogs' attention to owner
  • Heel walking without a lead.
  • Settle
  • Tolerating handling/examination and restraint
  • Impulse control and attentiveness

Duration: 6 weeks. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Price: £65

Start dates for Novice courses:
  • Thursday November 16th at 17.45
  • Thursday January 11th at 17.45
Please note that dates may be subject to change.

Thank you for your brilliant training, advice and expertise. Pebbles is settling into her new routine brilliantly and we are now letting her off lead regularly. She has made lots of new doggy friends and it's lovely to see her running free! I'm telling all mates how great the classes are. Keep up the brilliant work and all the best for the future.
Jo Smith, family, and Pebbles.

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