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The puppy class has a maximum of six puppies and is suitable as soon as puppies have completed their vaccinations and up to the age of 20 weeks at the start of the course.

This course provides an invaluable opportunity for your puppy to engage in appropriate interaction with other dogs. We also discuss various aspect of puppy behaviour and you will learn how to avoid problems and how to deal with common puppy issues as they arise. We also discuss diet, ways to feed your dog to increase stimulation, body language and breed characteristic behaviour and appropriate games. The training is done with kindness based on rewarding good behaviour with treats and play.

Course material:
  • As soon as you sign up for this class you will be sent some advice sheets to help you get your puppy off to a good start before the classes begin: 1) Toilet training, 2) Socialisation, 3) Bite inhibition, 4) Prevention of separation anxiety.
  • At the first session you will be given an informative book called, Dealing with the joys of puppyhood, which complements the weekly discussions and training.
  • The course program and training instructions are provided for all the exercises each week.

Class exercises
  • Sit- in lots of different situations including when being greeted rather than jumping up
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Drop/give
  • Controlled play with owner
  • "Leave it" and impulse control
  • Settle down
  • Walking on a lead without pulling
  • Coming when called
  • Handling and physical restraint tolerance
  • Controlled safe exit from door/car
  • Heel walking without a lead.
  • Exercises to improve on dogs' attention to owner and to name.

Duration: 6 weeks. Each class is just under 1 hour long.

Price: £75

Start dates for Puppy courses:
  • Thursday October 12th at 18.30
  • Sunday November 26th 17.30
  • Thursday November 30th at 18.30
  • Sunday December 10th at 18.30
  • Thursday January 4th at 19.30
  • Sunday January 14th at 17.30
  • Thursday January 18th at 18.30
Please note dates may be subject to change.

I enrolled for the Puppy training class later in the Intermediate training class. The classes were very relaxed and friendly. The puppies had regular play sessions, great for socialising, and it was great to watch the puppies grasp what was expected of them, all done by praise and reward. I would thoroughly recommend taking the plunge and enrolling. Both you and your dog will gain a better understanding of each other.
Deanne Wright

Thank you very much for the great puppy training classes. I have found it really beneficial and obviously Whiskey has enjoyed it!! I did puppy classes with our previous lab years ago, but yours have been so much more useful, much better!
Lisa Morrison

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